Instrument Repairs

Instrument Repair and Maintenance Services

Repair and maintenance services for musical instruments are provided by our skilled technicians who are members of the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians (NAPBIRT).  

Regardless of the state your musical instruments are in,  a thorough inspection will be done for your instrument.  An estimated quote for repair will also be given after inspection. 

Please contact us for a quotation.

Brass repairs

Strings repairs

Woodwinds repairs

Percussion repairs

School Instrument Repairs

Talent Music provides superior and reliable instrumental repairs services and is trusted by many local and international schools in Singapore. Our helpful representative will assess the condition of the instruments and collect the instruments from your school, and once the instruments are repaired, we will deliver them back at your doorstep.

Talent Music will keep your school’s music department in peak performance!

Repair Pick-up for Schools

To arrange for an instrument repair pick-up by one of our representatives at your school, please give us a call at 6742 8772.

Professional Piano Tuning, Repair and Moving Services

Our team of skilled and experienced professional piano tuners and technicians are readily available to cater to your piano needs - whether your piano is due for a tuning, maintenance or moving to a new location.

Is your piano due for tuning?
By rule of thumb, a piano should be tuned at least twice a year. Your piano may go out of tune over time as the strings can stretch due to tension, and this affects the sound quality. When tuned regularly, your piano can stay in an optimum condition and maintain its value.

Is a professional piano mover necessary?
Pianos are large and heavy which requires a team of 4 to move. With more than 10,000 moving parts in the piano, there is a high risk for internal damages which will cost more to repair. To minimise damages and scratches during the move, you should only hire a professional to move your piano. Our professional piano movers are specially trained to transport pianos of all shapes and sizes safely to your desired destination. 

Please contact us to arrange for a professional piano tuning and maintenance session or if you require a professional piano mover.

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